From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – 26 February 1887

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From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – Windsor Castle, 26 February 1887

I am sure you and poor, dear Moretta1 must be very anxious and distressed about our beloved Sandro2 who is a martyr as well as a hero. On Saturday night (or Sunday I think) he was very ill; temperature 107, but that soon fell and these last two or three days the temperature is almost normal… He was ill before from worry and annoyance; and God knows, was ever a noble, brave, excellent young man more tried than he has been? And in that he was, therefore, predisposed to catch anything, for else he must have been so much exposed everywhere that it seems incredible this should happen now. He is supposed to have got it at Marseilles. But I fear he has never been vaccinated. Still I thought in the German Army that was regularly done?

I am so glad that the ball etc are over and Vicky must try to get out of the Empress’s teas etc. She ought not be exposed to unkindness and insult. I feel much for her just now. I send some more interesting letters (from Prince Arthur3 for you to forward to Marie Anna4. Count Hatzfeldt and Count Corti dined here last night. But under the circumstances I avoided politics with the former…

PS. I hope dear Fritz’s5 hoarseness is better and Mossy6 quite well?7

  1. The Crown Princess’ second daughter, also named Victoria
  2. Alexander of Battenberg who was Prince of Bulgaria until his abdication in 1886
  3. Queen Victoria’s son
  4. Unknown
  5. The Crown Princess’ husband
  6. The Crown Princess’ daughter, Margaret
  7. Agatha Ramm – Beloved & Darling Child

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