From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – 18 February 1880

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From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – Osborne, 18 February 1880

What has not happened since I last wrote! That frightful accident to poor Louise1 who is going on quite well – thank God. And then the awful monstrous new attempt on the poor Emperor of Russia’s life. In his own house! It is too, too awful. What a merciful escape – and poor dear Marie2, what a state she must be in about both parents. Poor Affie3, it is terrible for him. They ought all to go away at once and he abdicate.

To return to dear Louise, it seems the horse pulled – and turned the corner too sharply – the sledge went over a heap of snow and upset and the horses ran away and dragged the sledge (a covered one) 400 yards! Poor dear Louise fell on her head and got a severe blow, cut her ear and strained the muscles and sinews of her neck which gave her much pain. The reports, however, have continued favourable and steadily improving. Lorne4 was also hurt but slightly and Eva Langham much bruised.

I did not mean that the rank of Victoria of H.5 was any objection for I do think that marriages with smaller Houses often makes it easier. I meant that on account of the poor family being mal vue6, as they were in a painful and difficult position, that it would not be liked. You know people often dislike those they have ill-used.

But I perceive in my stupidity I have not wished you joy of Willie’s7 engagement which took place on the 13th. Uncle and Aunt A8 telegraphed it “Happy event just taken place in our presence.” I am sure I wish them all happiness.9

  1. Her daughter, Princess Louise
  2. Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, the wife of her son Alfred, then Duke of Edinburgh
  3. Prince Alfred
  4. Louise’s husband
  5. Her granddaughter Victoria of Hesse and by Rhiny
  6. badly seen
  7. The Crown Princess’ son
  8. Prince Albert’s brother Ernest and his wife Alexandrine
  9. Roger Fulford – Dearest Mama

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