From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – 12 December 1878

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From the Queen to the German Crown Princess – Windsor Castle, 12 December 1878

Alas! It is a severe attack that our poor darling Alice1 has got – but still, the report of Sir William2(who I have telegraphed to) is on the whole favourable. But the anxiety is terrible, wearing and to be so far away is agonising.

I fear it was from poor Ernie3 she got it from when she told him of little May’s4 death. The greatest sympathy is shown. People know how nobly she behaved and stood by me when darling Papa died, and how bravely and devotedly she has watched her husband and children and with what Christian resignation she had borne her sad loss – and now to be struck down herself. It is quite dreadful.5

  1. Her daughter, Princess Alice
  2. The Queen’s doctor
  3. Alice’s son
  4. Alice’s daughter
  5. Roger Fulford – Dearest Mama

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