From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – 28 February 1898

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From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – Windsor Castle, 28 February 1898

How much startled you must have been to hear of this awful attempt on poor Willie of Greece1 and what a merciful, miraculous escape he and Mary2 had. It is one of the worst attempts I ever heard of. But it has brought out great loyalty and attachment to the King and his family and will really do good, as they escaped. But [such an attempt] leaves always a painful sensation and want of confidence.

Sophie3 telegraphs this evening that the assassins were caught this morning. Poor Olga4, how painful for her! We are in anxiety and distress about dear Aunt Clémentine5 who suddenly got worse last night and this evening Philip6…[a message in German that she was dying]. It grieves me beyond measure as I loved her and our friendship dates from 1843, over fifty-five years.7 Tora8 arrived this morning having only left Petersburg on Saturday evening. Alicky9 is progressing rather slowly. All went off well in London…10

  1. King George I of Greece, the brother of the Princess of Wales
  2. George’s daughter Maria, who was with him
  3. the Crown Princess’ daughter who would marry George’s son later that year
  4. George’s wife, Olga Constantinovna of Russia
  5. Clémentine of Orléans
  6. Clémentine’s son
  7. Clémentine survived her illness
  8. Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein, the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria’s daughter Helena
  9. The Tsarina, Alexandra Feodorovna, also a granddaughter of Queen Victoria
  10. Agatha Ramm – Beloved & Darling Child

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