From the Queen to the Empress Frederick – 15 June 1888

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From the Queen to the Empress Frederick – Balmoral, 15 June 1888

(Immediately following the death of her daughter’s husband, the German Emperor)

Darling, darling, unhappy Child, I clasp you in my arms and to a heart that bleeds, for this is a double, dreadful grief, a misfortune untold and to the world at large. You are far more sorely tried than me. I had not the agony of seeing another fill the place of my angel husband which I always felt I never could have borne. May God help and support you as He did me and may your children be some help, some comfort, as so many of mine were. Though at that time there was bitterness. I can’t write what I feel. I can’t collect my thoughts. I feel stunned. I would wish to do anything and everything to help you, even to go to you if you wished. Do come to us. You should get quite away with the girls for a time. Your health will require it after such a long strain.

Darling beloved Fritz, I loved him so dearly. He was so kind to me always and in ’61. I see him always before me with those beautiful, loving blue eyes. How well he was here last year still. Here you were engaged and here I received the dreadful news. I am so thankful other people have aggravated all were not there… God in His mercy help and support you.1

  1. Beloved and Darling Child – Edited by Agatha Ramm

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