From the German Empress to Queen Victoria – 14 March 1888

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From the German Empress to Queen Victoria – Charlottenburg, 14 March 1888

Fritz1 has had a better night and Sir Morell Mackenzie was better satisfied with the state of his throat… But alas, Fritz has had so much to do and with all the previous excitement and emotion it is impossible he should be as well as he might be if his health were the only consideration.

Added on 15 March:

I could not get further than this yesterday, there were so many people to see. The cold is intense, the wind howls and the windows are quite frozen up. Yesterday evening the Empress2 came out here at 7 to see Fritz. It was most trying to them both, but they tried to be as calm as possible as it is very bad for both to give way to any emotion. We saw Uncle Ernest3, Anna of Hesse and her sister Louise, Abbat and Marie4, Addy5, Princes George and Alexander6. But Fritz could not see them all. How it will be with all the guests, I really do not know. I think Fritz’s proclamation and also his letter to Prince Bismarck produced the right impression. I think Bismarck was surprised at receiving these papers all ready for publication and written out in Fritz’s own hand… It is of course very uncomfortable to have the dear girls in town and not here, also all my things are at our house at Berlin, so that this more or less of an encampment. Today we shall see dearest Bertie7 we trust…8

  1. The Empress’ husband
  2. Born Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
  3. Prince Albert’s brother
  4. Prince Albert of Prussia and Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. The Prince of Wales
  8. Agatha Ramm – Beloved & Darling Child

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