From Queen Victoria to the Princess Royal – 17 July 1859

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From Queen Victoria to the Princess Royal – Osborne, 17 July 1859

My first impression on hearing this dreadful news is to write to you!1 God has taken a pure, lovely angel to him! She was too good for this world, poor dear Pedro!2 He had found an angel to cheer his hard, trying life – his melancholy character – and now in a moment snatched from him! It is too dreadful! And the poor parents! Dear excellent Prince Hohenzollern! whom I do so honour and the poor delicate Princess – to think of their agony! To feel that his patriotism and devotion to his country prevented his going as he had intended in March to see her! What will his feelings be! Oh! I can’t tell you what I feel! I know what you will both feel – what your warm heart will feel! We who had brought about in a great manner this marriage, who had rejoiced at the happiness of both dear young people – married at the same age as ourselves – the same difference between their ages as between ours – married the year you did! And now all gone – crushed, shipwrecked! It is too, too dreadful! It makes my heart bleed! And we know nothing, heard nothing but that wretched telegram from good Louis3!4


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  1. The death of Stephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Queen of Portugal
  2. Stephanie’s husband
  3. The King of Portugal’s brother
  4. Roger Fulford – Dearest Child

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