From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – 5 March 1889

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From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – Windsor Castle, 5 March 1889

At the end of January, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria died in a murder-suicide pact with his mistress. He had been married to Princess Stéphanie of Belgium.

I return you Stéphanie’s somewhat strong letter. If she loved him very much, she could not write in that way. I have heard again that she did not take interest in what interested him and lived an independent life of her own, which is extremely wrong… Uncle George1 was here last night, delighted with his journey and in great spirits and made a great noise at dinner… Lenchen2 leaves this evening. Poor Abby3 came to luncheon yesterday. He is miserable and says he hates the sight of a soldier and can’t bear being on horseback and is to go into a cavalry regiment. A fine look out! I dread a failure. Louise starts on Saturday… I always think I must give you my arm when I go out of the Dining Room4 and we miss you all very much…5

  1. ?
  2. Princess Helena, Queen Victoria’s daughter
  3. Prince Albert, Helena’s son
  4. As she had done during her daughter’s recent visit
  5. Agatha Ramm – Beloved & Darling Child

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