From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – 24 January 1891

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From Queen Victoria to the Empress Frederick – Osborne, 24 January 1891

How terrible, how awful is this death of dear young Baudouin1, ‘the hope’ of the country, the pride of his poor parents and the comfort of poor King Leopold who treated him as a son! I send you these telegraphic details from Lord Vivian and will send you any more I get. Attached as you are and, as you know, I am to our dear Belgian relations2, you will share my true and deep sorrow for them. Good, excellent Marie Flanders3, what a grief to her! The dear boy was clever and charming and just 21. Oh, it is too grievous! Henriette4 was I believe as nearly gone as possible last week. The cold was very intense in Belgium too and I suppose perhaps in Baudouin’s case attention was not paid at once to the symptoms…5

  1. Prince Baudouin of Belgium was the nephew and heir of King Leopold II of Belgium
  2. King Leopold I of Belgium was Queen Victoria’s uncle
  3. Prince Baudouin’s mother
  4. Prince Baudouin’s sister
  5. Beloved and Darling Child – Edited by Agatha Ramm

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