From Queen Victoria to the Crown Princess of Prussia – 24 March 1869

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From Queen Victoria to the Crown Princess of Prussia – Windsor Castle, 24 March 1869

The second reading of the Irish Church Bill was passed by a large majority. I fear it will do an immense deal of harm. The disendowment is the really bad, dangerous and unjust part.

(Queen Victoria then adds an extract from a letter of King Leopold II of Belgium)

“The poor Charlotte goes from bad to worse. She wishes at all costs to go and fill the throne of Spain. It is necessary at Laeken to shut all the doors and exercise a close watch over her. My poor sister imagines that Max1 is not dead and that he is kept shut up in England; she writes to him without ceasing and has sent him some presents. The lamentable state of Charlotte makes us extremely sad.”

Is this not too dreadful? May God in mercy release the poor troubled spirit – and let it recover its freedom and high aspiration in another and better, purer, freer world, where she will see all clearly and not as through a glass.2

  1. Her husband
  2. Roger Fulford – Your Dear Letter

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