From Queen Victoria to King Leopold I of Belgium – 29 November 1841

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From Queen Victoria to King Leopold I of Belgium – 29 November 1841

I would have written sooner, had I not been a little bilious, which made me very low, and not in spirits to write… They think that I shall not get my appetite and spirits back till I can get out of town; we are therefore going in a week at latest. I am going for a drive this morning, and am certain it will do me good. In all essentials, I am better, if possible than last year. Our little boy is a wonderfully strong and large child, with very large dark blue eyes, a finely formed but somewhat large nose, and a pretty little mouth; I hope and pray he may be like his dearest Papa. He is to be called Albert, and Edward is to be his second name. Pussy1, dear child, is still the great pet amongst us all, and is getting so fat and strong again. She is not at all pleased with her brother.

I have been suffering so from lowness that it made me quite miserable, and I know how difficult it is to fight against it. I wonder very much who our little boy will be like. You will understand how fervent my prayers and I am (sure) everbody’s must be, to see him resemble his angelic dearest Father in every, every respect, both in body and mind. Oh! My dearest uncle, I am sure if you knew how happy, how blessed I feel, and how proud I feel in possessing such a perfect being as my husband, as he is, and if you think that you have been instrumental in bringing about this union, it must gladden your heart! How happy should I be to see our child grow up just like him! Dear Pussy travelled with us and behaved like a grown-up person, so quiet and looking about and coquetting with the Hussars on either side of the carriage. Now adieu!2

  1. Their eldest daughter Victoria
  2. Queen Victoria in her Letters and Journals

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