Gathering an army (Day 2)

mary jane
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On the second day of Lady Jane’s reign, a sermon was preached in favour of Jane’s reign at St. Paul’s. Mary was gaining followers in East Anglia. They were risking a great deal, as rebellions not often succeeded. But for them, Mary was their rightful Queen, and her Catholicism was inextricably linked with her and them. Mary rewarded 125 men who answered her call with annuities.

Mary was denounced by the Duke of Northumberland as a bastard, by referring to her “supposed title.” He threatened to punish her if she did not at once submit herself to them and their “sovereign lady Queen Jane…if you will for respect show yourself quiet and obedient (as you ought), you shall find us…ready to do any service that we with our duty may, and to be glad of your quietness, to preserve the common state of this realm.”

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