The Duke of Northumberland heads for Mary’s Troops (Day 5)

mary jane
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The 14th of July, the fifth day of Lady Jane’s reign, was a good day for Mary. She had won over Lord Wentworth, who arrived in a splendid armour accompanied by troops that she could use really well. Also, the fleet at Great Yarmouth, who was under instructions of the Duke of Northumberland not to let Mary escape, mutinied in her favour. The Duke of Northumberland himself left London with 2000 men and artillery intending to engage Mary’s forces. His departure alone caused the council to fall apart.

Tradition has it that the Duke of Northumberland had expected such an event and wished to place the Duke of Suffolk (Jane’s father) at the head of the army so he could stay and keep the council together. Apparently, Jane herself feared the danger and implored her father not to go, forcing the Duke of Northumberland to go himself. The Duke is said to have declared upon departure, “In a few days I will bring the Lady Mary, captive or dead, like a rebel as she is.”

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