Urduja – The Warrior Princess

Written by Hazel.

Presently, the Philippines is a republic governed by a president whose term lasts for six years. The government has three branches: the legislative, executive, and executive branches. Its citizens vote for government officials and the candidate with the most popular vote wins.

Did you know that long before foreigners “discovered” the Philippines and before the establishment of the republic, the county was already ruled by sultans and datus? Datu Puti, Datu Dumangsil, and Datu Balensuela were the few written about in history. There were also women rulers. One of which, is the legendary Urduja, the Warrior Princess.

Urduja, the Warrior Princess was believed to have existed in 1350-1400 AD in what is now Pangasinan, Philippines. Her name means “rising sun”. She was the daughter of a Sultan Lakanpati who lost his sons defending the kingdom’s settlements. She was trained in warfare as a child and had expertise in sword fighting, horseback riding, and navigation. She also spoke several dialects and languages. She became the leader of the Kinalakihan (warrior women). She engaged in battle herself, often leading her army of men and women warriors. She led military expeditions to protect her people from pirates and marauders. She never married and ruled alone.

There are no images existing of Princess Urduja, but legend says she was tall, had golden-brown skin, and had dark hair, and a strong masculine physique. No historical texts indicated how she died either.1

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  1. It is so nice to see so many cultures being represented on this site. I now have many questions regarding her story. Nice article on another woman whose story needs to be told and remembered.

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