The Queens of Huahine

Huahine is an island in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the territory of France. It currently has a population of about 6,300. The island was ruled by monarchs from 1760 until 1895, when it was annexed by France. Of its ten monarchs, five were women. 

Tehaapapa I

The first ruler of the island was Te-ha’apapa I Fatuʻaraʻi Teriʻi-tariʻa Te-iʻoa-tua-vahine. She was born in 1735 as the daughter of Teriʻi-taria Te-haʻapapa and Teri’i-ohua-e-te-anuanua-i-te-tuahu. Very little is known about her. She became Queen in 1760, and she had at least two children two husbands, Rohianuʻu and Mato, who were brothers. She died in 1790 and was succeeded by her son, Teriʻitaria I.

Teriitaria II

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The second female ruler was Teri’itaria, who was born around 1790 as the daughter of Tamatoa III, King of Raiatea and Tura’iari’i Ehevahine.  She married King Pōmare II of Tahiti firstly and secondly someone named Ari’ipaea. She was regent for her stepson Pomare III of Tahiti from 1820 until 1827. In 1815, she succeeded her uncle as Queen of Huahine. She was deposed in a civil war in 1852. She had no children and was succeeded by King Ari’imate. He was also a descendant of Queen Tehaapapa I and Mato.

She died in 1858 in Tahiti.

Tehaapapa II

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The third female ruler of Huahine was actually the wife of King Ari’imate. She was born in 1824 as the daughter of King Tamatoa of Ra’iatea and Mahuti of Vaiari. She married the future King Ari’imate in 1840, and they had twelve children. When he was installed as King in 1852, she became his Queen consort. He was deposed by a civil war in 1868, and she succeeded him as Queen. She too was a descendant of Queen Tehaapapa I and Mato.  Her reign was briefly interrupted by an insurrection against France. During this time, her eldest daughter Teuhe briefly reigned as Queen regnant.

Her eldest son, the Crown Prince, predeceased her and when she died in 1893, she was succeeded by her granddaughter, Tehaapapa III of Huahine.


Teuhe was born in 1840 as the daughter of Queen Tehaʻapapa II and King Ariʻi-mate. She was briefly proclaimed Queen during an insurrection against France from 1888 until 1890 when she fled to Tahiti. She was married twice and died on 21 August 1891.

Tehaapapa III

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She was born on 8 August 1879 as the daughter of Teururai and Tetuanuimarama a Te-u-ru-ari’i. She succeded her grandmother in 1893 and was crowned that same year. On 15 May 1895, she married Teri’i-te-vae-a-ra’i-a-Mai and they had one son. She was deposed later that same year when Huahine was annexed by the French.

In 1900, she married morganatically to Tinitua-a-Tu-Ari’i-hi-ona and had a further eleven children.

She died on 27 April 1917 and was the final ruler of Huahine.

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