Diana Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales’s body has been targeted by grave robbers on four separate occasions

Diana, Princess of Wales’s brother, the Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, has spoken to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, where he revealed that there have been four break-in attempts in order to get access to the body of his sister. He said: “We have had four attempted break-ins towards her body in the last 20 years. [read more]

The Royal Women

The Queens of Huahine

Huahine is an island in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the territory of France. It currently has a population of about 6,300. The island was ruled by monarchs from 1760 until 1895, when it was annexed by France. Of its ten monarchs, five were women.  Tehaapapa I The first ruler of the island was Te-ha’apapa [read more]