From Queen Victoria to the German Crown Princess – 2 June 1873

(public domain)

Princess Alice’s son Friedrich, who had haemophilia, died after falling from a window. He was not even three years old. 

Balmoral – 2 June 1873

And now comes the dreadful calamity at Darmstadt which will so deeply move you. How awful! How dreadful! Only God was very merciful in taking the little darling so painlessly and peacefully. But oh! The dreadful shock and recollection of it! I think it is merciful that no unhappy nurse or other person was to blame as that would have added to the misery. But I think little children, unless you are doing nothing and can be constantly watching them. I know how alarmed I always was about windows and fire. And I have always lived in dread of something happening to Alix’s1 children as she used to have and has all five children together in the room – even when the youngest could hardly walk – without any nurse – writing herself – and not hearing! It is so dangerous.2




  1. Queen Victoria’s daughter-in-law Alexandra of Denmark
  2. Roger Fulford – Darling Child, Private Correspondence of Queen Victoria and the German Crown Princess 1871 – 1878

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