Queens in White – Privilège du blanc

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The Privilège du Blanc is the honour of wearing a white dress and matching mantilla in the presence of the Pope. This honour is only accorded to certain Catholic monarchs. Normally women are required to wear a long black dress with a high collar and long sleeves, with a black mantilla during an audience with the Pope.

The privilege is only retained at the discretion of the Pope. She must remain a Catholic in good public standing. She may choose to exercise the privilege freely and she is not required to wear white.

Currently, the following women are eligible for the privilege:

HM Queen Sofía of Spain

HM Queen Paola of the Belgians

HRH The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

HSH The Princess of Monaco

HM The Queen of the Belgians

HM The Queen of Spain

HRH The Princess of Naples

While Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is a Catholic, she is not accorded the privilege because she is married to a non-Catholic.

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