Mary Tudor England’s First Queen Regnant by Gregory Slysz Book Review

Mary Tudor, England's first Queen Regnant. Truth is the Daughter of Time Paperback by Gregory Slysz

Much has already been said on Mary I, the first Queen regnant of England, starting with her unfortunate nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ which really needs to be retired. I recently received this book from Gracewing Publications. I really like that Mary’s motto is part of the title!

The book naturally covers Mary’s life from her early years, but what I liked most about this book that it also focusses heavily on Mary’s Catholic faith. Most books present this as a negative aspect of her personality and reign, but it’s an intricate part of Mary’s life and forever linked to her image. Her personal faith during her times of peril must be admired, even if at that time it was considered the ‘wrong’ faith.

The book is well written and thoroughly researched, and I feel it certainly has a little extra oomph I haven’t read in biographies of Mary before. It might be a bit scholarly at times but stick with it, it’s worth it!

This book was released on 31 March 2015. (UK & US)

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