Interim meeting held regarding “Yekaterinburg remains”

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An interim meeting was held regarding the so-called “Yekaterinburg remains”, or better said the remains of Nicolas II, Alexandra Feodorovna and their five children. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Russian Investigative Committee as well as members of the special commission at St. Daniel’s monastery.

During the meeting, progress reports on the criminal case and the complex examinations, including historical, genetic and anthropologic studies of the remains aimed at an undeniable identification.

“The Russian Orthodox Church appreciates the objective nature of the investigation of the issue of establishing the authenticity of the remains found near Yekaterinburg,” a statement read.

So far, no results have been made public, and Bishop Tikhon told Interfax, “This will be at the will of His Holiness the Patriarch, the Holy Synod and the local council.” With regard to the recognition or non-recognition of the remains, which would be considered holy relics if recognised, Bishop Tikhon said that “the final conclusions will be made by the Council of Bishops.”

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  1. I haven’t been following this closely but I am wondering what are the motives involved? Why is the church questioning the identity of the remains? The entire family has already been canonized. All but Maria and Alexei have been interred. It’s not like they would disinter the family for questions of identity of the remaining two members. And as far as I have read, the DNA evidence is very solid. So what are the political and/or religious motives involved? Does anyone have any good articles that cover the subject in depth?

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