History of Royal Women: The Year 2017

The top 10 searches for 2017 were:

  1. alice keppel
  2. sandra vasoli
  3. olympias
  4. rani of jhansi
  5. history of royal women
  6. princess cecilie of greece and denmark
  7. amazon
  8. olympia queen
  9. olympia alexander
  10. olympias snakes

Our largest audience still comes from the United States but the Netherlands has been bumped to sixth place by India.

1.United States 49,84%
2. United Kingdom 12,37%
3. Australia 5,94%
4. Canada 5,36%
5. India 2,01%

The most popular posts for 2017 were:

  1. The Mother of Alexander the Great: Olympias
  2. King’s daughter was buried alive
  3. On Pain of death, do not touch Queen Sunandha!
  4. Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark and the tragic plane crash
  5. Remains of first king of England’s sister found in German cathedral
  6. The Real Woman of ‘Outlander’: Marie Louise de La Tour d’Auvergne
  7. Inside Anne Boleyn’s Place of Burial
  8. Charlotte of Wales – The triple obstetric tragedy
  9. Princess Charlotte, the illegitimate daughter
  10. Getting away with murder, Elisabeth Marie of Austria

Our visitor’s stats have doubled since last year which is amazing! Our top day was 30 April, which came in at 11,338 visitors and 51,012 views.

The most popular videos of 2017 were:

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