Dutch Queen’s coffin to be replaced

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The coffin of Queen Anna Pavlovna of the Netherlands was moved two days ago in order to move the remains to a new coffin. This will take a few days and the work will be done by the “Special Funerals” team of Monuta.

Plan of the crypt – by Robert Prummel at Dutch Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The new coffin will be placed in the original spot in the royal crypt in the New Church in Delft. The crypt is not open to the public.

Entrance to the royal crypt

Queen Anna Pavlovna was the wife of King William II of the Netherlands and the mother of King William III. They married in 1816 and went on to have five children together. He reigned as King from 1840 until his sudden death in 1849. Anna Pavlovna outlived him until 1865 and was interred in the royal crypt with him.

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