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Royal crypt in Delft expanded

The royal crypt in the new Church in Delft in the Netherlands has been expanded with a further 20 spaces. After the deaths of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 2004, the royal crypt had basically reached its capacity. The new spaces have been created in a simple fashion and a more practical entrance has [read more]

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Amalia of Solms-Braunfels

The Prinsenhof and Nieuwe Kerk in Delft

The city of Delft only became a royal burial place when its traditional site, Breda, was under occupation at the time of William the Silent’s death. He was buried here, in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in a mausoleum. The Church is currently undergoing some construction. William the Silent’s Mausoleum The other royals are buried [read more]