Queen Camilla to use Queen Adelaide’s coronation ring

PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Queen Camilla will receive Queen Adelaide’s coronation ring at her joint coronation with her husband, King Charles III, on 6 May.

The ring is a ruby in a gold setting and has been used for the coronations of Queen Adelaide, Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

The Queen Consort’s ring (left), Queen Victoria’s Sovereign Ring (middle) and the Sovereign’s Ring (right)

She will also receive the Queen Consort’s Rod with Dove, which is symbolic of “equity and mercy”, while the dove itself is symbolic of the Holy Ghost. She will also receive the Queen Consort’s Sceptre with Cross, which was made for the coronation of Mary of Modena, the wife of King James II, and is inlaid with rock crystals.

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