The Queen Consort paradox

I had hoped that once The Queen had died, we could all go back to sticking to the rules about titles: follow the 1917 Letters Patent as intended and don’t makeup titles as you go along. And if the new King didn’t want that, he should issue new Letters Patent. The 1917 Letters Patent state, [read more]

queen camilla
Elizabeth II

Queen Camilla pays tribute to The Queen

Watch below as Queen Camilla pays tribute to her late mother-in-law, The Queen. “She’s got those wonderful blue eyes that when she smiles, they light up her whole face. I’ll always remember that smile, you know, that smile is unforgettable.” – Her Majesty The Queen Consort pays tribute to Her Majesty The Queen: pic.twitter.com/Txlzr6NGHG — [read more]

Queen Camilla

Camilla – The new Queen

With The Queen’s passing, Prince Charles accended the throne as King Charles III. His wife Camilla is entitled to share all her husband’s titles and is automatically entitled to be called Queen (consort). Just a few months ago, a statement was released by Queen Elizabeth II which stated that she supported Camilla becoming Queen (consort) [read more]