The Women of Wijnendale Castle in Torhout, Belgium

April 22, 2016 Moniek 1

The current Wijnendale Castle is mostly a 19th century reconstruction and the first castle on the site was built by Robert, Count of Flanders and was used as a base for military operations. During the next two centuries it was a place of residence for the Counts of Flanders and in 1298 it was inherited [read more]

The tragic early death of Mary of Burgundy

March 27, 2014 Moniek 0

Mary was born in Brussels as the only child of Charles the Bold and Isabella of Bourbon, and she was thus the heiress of the Burgundian territories, and she became suo jure Duchess of Burgundy in 1477 at the death of her father. Her father died in the Battle of Nancy on 5 January 1477. [read more]

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