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Marie Antoinette

The Princesse de Lamballe – The best friend of Marie Antoinette (Part one)

Marie-Thérèse Louise of Savoy-Carignan was born on the 8th of September 1749 in Turin. She was the sixth child of Louis Victor, Prince of Carignano and his wife Landgravine Christine of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenberg. As her father was descended from King Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia, Marie-Thérèse was a member of a cadet branch of the House of [read more]

Marguerite Louise d’Orléans

Marguerite Louise of Orléans and the end of the Medici dynasty

Marguerite Louise of Orléans was born in July 1645 to Gaston, Duke of Orléans and his second wife Marguerite of Lorraine. Her father was the brother of King Louis XIII of France, making Marguerite the granddaughter, niece and cousin of three French kings. Marguerite’s older half-sister was La Grande Mademoiselle; a high ranking heiress at [read more]