The Royal Women

Clarice Orsini – A Roman in Florence

This article was written by Ezgi Özcan. Clarice Orsini was born in 1453 in the countryside of Rome. Her early life is unknown like many noble girls. Most likely, Clarice had a traditional Catholic education due. When Lucrezia Tornabuoni noticed her, she was a slim girl with a round face. Lucrezia Tornabuoni was the mother of Lorenzo de’Medici [read more]

Maria Salviati

Maria Salviati – The creation of a ruler

This article was written by Ezgi Özcan. Maria Salviati was born in Florence as a member of two powerful families: Medici and Salviati. She was the first child of Lucrezia de’ Medici, who was the first child of Lorenzo de’ Medici (The Magnificent) and Clarice Orsini. Maria married her cousin Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, the [read more]

Anne of Austria 1549 - 1580

The Louvre & Place de la Concorde

The last stop of my day in Paris was the Louvre. The Louvre is a museum now but it began its life as a royal palace and it was Louis XIV who moved the seat of power to Versailles in 1682. Since 1789, it has housed the museum. The Louvre glass Pyramid is now the [read more]