zizi lambrino
Marie of Edinburgh

Zizi Lambrino – “La misere noire” (Part two)

Read part one here. During this separation from Zizi, Carol took a mistress which apparently frightened his parents to such an extent that they allowed Zizi to come to Bucharest where they lived together. Carol spent the mornings with his regiment while the afternoons and evenings were for walking or driving with Zizi. However, Zizi [read more]

Marie of Edinburgh

Marie of Romania’s Tour of the United States

Written by Emma Rountree. On 18 October 1926, Queen Marie of Romania arrived in New York City to cheering crowds and a ticker-tape parade. She had come at the behest of her American friends, businessman Sam Hill and modern dancer Loie Fuller. Hill wanted her to speak at the dedication of his new museum, the [read more]