Queen Seondeok
Jindeok of Silla

The three Queens of Silla

Silla was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, and it lasted for 992 years. During its long years, three Queens regnant ruled the lands. Today it is part of both North and South Korea. Seondeok of Silla Seondeok was the daughter of King Jinpyeong of Silla and Queen Maya. She was born at an unknown date. Before [read more]

Maria I of Portugal
Maria Ana Francisca of Portugal

Queens Regnant – Maria I of Portugal

The future Maria I of Portugal was born on 17 December 1734 at the Ribeira Royal Palace in Lisbon with the full name, Maria Francisca Isabel Josefa Antónia Gertrudes Rita Joana as the daughter of Joseph I of Portugal and Mariana Victoria of Spain.  She was created Princess of Beira by her grandfather John V of Portugal on [read more]

Berengaria of Castile

Queens Regnant – Sancha and Dulce of León

Sancha and Dulce of Leon were born the daughters of Alfonso IX of Leon by his first wife Theresa of Portugal. There were born in 1191 or 1192 and 1195 respectively. They had an older brother named Ferdinand, who died unmarried at the age of 22. Their mother Theresa had returned to Portugal in 1214 [read more]