catherine navarre
Catherine of Navarre

Queens Regnant – Catherine of Navarre

Catherine was born in 1468 as the daughter of Gaston of Foix, Prince of Viana, and Magdalena of Valois. Her father was the son of Queen Eleanor of Navarre, but he died before her and thus never became King. Instead upon the death of Queen Eleanor, her elder brother Francis succeeded as King of Navarre. He [read more]


Queens Regnant – Shajar al-Durr

Shajar al-Durr was born at an unknown date. She was of Turkish origin and was purchased as a slave by the future Sultan of Egypt As-Salih Ayyub. They had a son named Khalil and they married shortly after his birth. The child probably did not live long. In April 1249, her husband became seriously ill [read more]

Maria II of Portugal
Isabel Maria of Portugal

Queens Regnant – Maria II of Portugal

The future Maria II of Portugal was born on 4 April 1819 as the daughter of Pedro I of Brazil and IV of Portugal and Maria Leopoldina of Austria. She was the eldest of 7 siblings and one half-sibling. She also had six illegitimate half-siblings. Her grandfather, King John VI died in March VI, and his death sparked a [read more]


The death of Queen Mary I

In January 1558 there were again rumours of a pregnancy for Mary. It had been eight months since Mary had seen her husband Philip, but she held firm that she was pregnant. She wrote a will at the end of March, ‘thinking myself to be with child in lawful marriage between my said dearly beloved [read more]