duchess of teck crescent tiara
Mary Adelaide of Cambridge

The Duchess of Teck’s Tiara

The Duchess of Teck’s tiara is “formed as a band of 20 crescents and three pave-set wild roses on a gold framework.” The elements that this tiara consists of were part of the inheritance from Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, the Duchess of Teck, from her childless aunt, Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester. They were [read more]

queen victoria diamond jubilee brooch
Royal Jewels

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch

Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch was given to Queen Victoria by her Household to mark her Diamond Jubilee in 1897. The brooch consists of a “scrolled and pierced foliate design, pave-set with diamonds, with pearl centre surrounded by brilliant in cut-down collets, suspending a detachable loop of brilliant with pearl drop; with alternative back fitting [read more]

Queen Adelaide's Fringe Necklace
Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Queen Adelaide’s Fringe Necklace

Queen Adelaide’s Fringe necklace has “sixty brilliant-set graduated bars, the central bars terminating in cushion-cut and pear-shaped stones, divided by 60 graduated brilliant-set spikes; an extra six small graduated bars and five spikes detached; tiara fittings removed.” It was created on the orders of King William IV, using diamonds removed from various items belonging to [read more]

elizabeth The Greville Peardrop Earrings
Elizabeth II

The Greville Peardrop Earrings

The Greville Peardrop Earrings were from the collection of Dame Margaret Greville, the wife of the Hon. Ronald Greville. Margaret and her husband had no children, and she bequeathed all her jewellery to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother upon her death in 1942. The Peardrop earrings were purchased by Margaret sometime before 19 May 1938 [read more]