The Royal Women

Sisi’s descendants (Part one)

Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her husband Franz Joseph had four children, of which three survived to adulthood. These children all had children of their own, thus leaving a long line of descendants. Please note that this information is likely to be incomplete and that most, if not all, of the titles described below, have [read more]

Elisabeth in Bavaria

Sisi’s flight to Madeira

After the birth of Crown Prince Rudolf in 1858, Elisabeth recovered slowly. She had not been allowed to nurse her son, so she suffered from milk congestion and fevers. Her fever remained for weeks after the birth, and Elisabeth became terribly weak. Her mother, Ludovika, was summoned to Vienna, and she arrived with several of [read more]


Grand Empress Dowager Xiaoning – The nefarious Consort who destroyed the Ming Dynasty

Grand Empress Dowager Xiaoning is known as one of the most controversial figures in China. Many historians have accused Grand Empress Dowager Xiaoning of causing the Ming dynasty’s downfall.[1] Did Grand Empress Dowager Xiaoning deserve the blame? She has been accused of seducing Emperor Shenzong of Ming and trying to interrupt the rightful succession by [read more]