Mahidevran Sultan

Mahidevran – The overshadowed Chief Consort

This article was written by Ezgi Özcan. Mahidevran was chief consort as a mother of the oldest surviving son of Suleiman the Magnificent. Her full name was Gülbahar Mahidevran Sultan due to her great beauty; Gülbahar means “rose of the spring” and Mahidevran means “the most beautiful in all”. She was the chief consort of [read more]

Hürrem Sultan

Hurrem Sultan – Suleiman’s true love

Roxelana was an unlikely candidate to have made a mark in history. She was a young girl who was captured by slave traders and became a concubine in Suleiman’s harem. However, Roxelana overcame great odds and became Suleiman’s wife. She would bear the Sultan five sons – one of whom would become the next Sultan [read more]