Margriet of the Netherlands

The life of Princess Margriet of the Netherlands

After many years of the Dutch succession depending on a single heartbeat, the birth of a healthy third daughter to the heiress presumptive Princess Juliana came as a huge relief. Princess Juliana was Queen Wilhelmina’s only surviving child, and she had given birth to a daughter named Beatrix in 1938 and a daughter named Irene [read more]

The Netherlands

Queens Regnant – Wilhelmina of the Netherlands

The future Queen Wilhelmina was born on 31 August 1880 in The Hague as the daughter of King William III and his second wife Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont. William had previously been married to Sophie of Württemburg, the two had three sons but were as unmatched as possibly could be. Sophie had died in [read more]