Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Württemberg

The Kingdom of Württemberg in present-day Germany existed from 1805 to 1918. It was preceded by the Duchy and Electorate of Württemberg and Frederick II, Duke of Württemberg, took the title of King Frederick I on 1 January 1806. Frederick’s first wife was Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, and they had three surviving children together before [read more]


Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Egypt

The Kingdom of Egypt was established in 1922 under the Muhammad Ali dynasty following the Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence by the United Kingdom. The previous Sultan of Egypt became King Fuad I of Egypt. King Fuad was married twice. His first wife was Shivakiar Ibrahim; also his first cousin once removed. Their son Ismail [read more]

Constance of Aragon

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Majorca

The Kingdom of Majorca was created in 1231 following King James I of Aragon’s conquest in 1229 of the Balearic Islands from the Muslim rulers. He ruled it in conjunction with the Crown of Aragon. The first Queen consort of Majorca was James’s second wife Violant of Hungary whom he married in 1235. His son [read more]

Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Iceland

The area of Iceland had been under the control of Denmark since 1380, although it formally remained in possession of Norway until 1814. On 1 December 1918, the Act of Union recognised Iceland as a sovereign state, and it was now considered to be in personal union with Denmark. The Kingdom of Iceland received its [read more]