Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Egypt

Flag of the Kingdom of Egypt (public domain)

The Kingdom of Egypt was established in 1922 under the Muhammad Ali dynasty following the Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence by the United Kingdom. The previous Sultan of Egypt became King Fuad I of Egypt.

Queen Nazli (public domain)

King Fuad was married twice. His first wife was Shivakiar Ibrahim; also his first cousin once removed. Their son Ismail died in infancy, but a daughter named Fawkia survived to adulthood. They divorced in 1898 before Fuad became King of Egypt. During a dispute with her brother, Fuad was shot in the neck, but he survived. In 1919, he remarried to Nazli Sabri who was thus the first Queen of the modern Kingdom of Egypt. They went on to have a son and four daughters, including Fawzia, Queen of Iran.

Upon King Fuad’s death in 1936, he was succeeded by his only surviving son, who became King Farouk I. Farouk was also married twice. His first wife was Safinaz Zulficar, who became known as Queen Farida upon marriage. They were married on 20 January 1938, and they went on to have three daughters together. They were divorced on 19 November 1948, and while Farouk kept custody of their two eldest daughters, Farida took custody of their youngest daughter.

Farouk remarried to Narriman Sadek in 1951, and she gave birth to his only son, Ahmed Fuad, the following year. As it would turn out, she would be the last Queen of Egypt. Farouk was forced to abdicate in 1952 in favour of his infant son who became King Fuad II. The infant King reigned less than a year, and he too was exiled in 1953. Narriman and Farouk divorced in 1954.

Following the overthrow of the monarchy, the Republic of Egypt was declared. The infant King Fuad II is still alive, and he has two sons and a daughter with the French-born Dominique-France Loeb-Picard, also known as Fadila.

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