Blanche of Burgundy

Royal Women and the Black Death

The Black Death peaked in Europe between the years 1347 and 1353.  It was the most fatal pandemic in human history, killing millions.  Not even royals were safe from this.  During these years, a handful of royals died from the bubonic plague.  Here are some royal women who died during these years.  For some of [read more]

Anne Marie d'Orléans

Lost Kingdoms – Kingdom of Sicily

The Kingdom of Sicily began its life in 1130 when it was created by Count Roger II of Sicily with the agreement of Pope Innocent II. Roger was married three times. His first wife was Elvira of Castile who was thus the first Queen of Sicily. They went on to have six children together, and [read more]

Isabella of Angouleme

Joan, Queen of Scots – A jilted bride

This article was written by Marie. Joan is the bride whose mother took off with the groom. In this case, the frisky mother was Isabelle of Angoulême: a widowed queen on the look-out for a new husband. But as Joan was only ten at the time, it can’t have been too much of a snub.  She probably wasn’t that close [read more]