Petronilla of Lorraine

Petronilla of Lorraine and The Abbey of Rijnsburg

Petronilla of Lorraine was born circa 1092 as the daughter of Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine and Hedwig of Formbach. She was their eldest daughter. She received the customary education for noble women. She was taught embroidery and needlepoint, but she was also taught to read and write.  Around 1100 she married the Count of Holland, [read more]

maria brabant

The execution of Maria of Brabant

Maria of Brabant was born circa 1226 as the daughter of Henry II, Duke of Brabant en Maria of Hohenstaufen. She was one of six children, and she had a further two half-siblings from her father’s second marriage to Sophie of Thuringia. Little is known of her youth, but she was possibly betrothed to the [read more]

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The seven wives of Philip II of Macedon

Philip II of Macedon certainly beats Henry VIII with his number of wives, but he did benefit from the times by marrying several at the same time. Philip lived from 382–336 BC, and during that time he married seven times. The exact dates are unknown, and even some of his wives’ names are debated. Philip [read more]