Elizabeth of the United Kingdom

Bad Homburg Palace – Home of the amiable Princess

Bad Homburg Palace was first built in the 12th century but most of it was demolished in 1660 by Frederick II, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg. A new palace was built between 1680 and 1685. In 1818, Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, daughter of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, married the future Frederick VI, Landgrave [read more]

Amelia of Great Britain

“A parcel of old maids” – The daughters of George III

This article was written by Eleanor. George III is, perhaps, one of England’s most well-known of monarchs – the famously “Mad King George” who lost America. However, less well-known are the intricacies of his family life, particularly with regards to his six daughters. King George’s feuds with and dislike of his sons, particularly his heir [read more]

Alice of the United Kingdom

A Palace fit for a Queen – Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is perhaps one of the most recognizable landmarks. The building dates from 1703 when it was named Buckingham House. It was owned by the Duke of Buckingham until King George III purchased it for his growing family with Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Most of their children were born there, including Augusta Sophia of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth of [read more]