The Netherlands before 1581

The unknown Countess Othilde

Dirk V, Count of Holland was driven from his lands with his mother around 1070 but just a few years later, the lands would be restored to him with the help of his stepfather. He could now finally take up his rightful place as Count of Holland. He probably tried to find a wife in [read more]

The Netherlands before 1581

Othilde of Saxony – An elusive Countess

Othilde or Othelindis is one of the more unknown Countesses of Holland. She was possibly the daughter of the Duke of Saxony or the daughter of a Bernard, Margrave of the Nordmark. It is quite possible that she was, at least, from Saxony as she returned there after she was widowed. She married Dirk III, [read more]

Hildegard of Flanders

Hildegard of Flanders – A charitable Countess

Hildegard of Flanders was the daughter of Arnulf I, Count of Flanders and Adele of Vermandois. Her exact birthdate is unknown but by 938 – her parents had married in 934 – she was betrothed to the son of Dirk I, Count of Holland. She was certainly no more than a toddler considering her parents’ [read more]

Places To Visit

Egmond Abbey & The Countesses of Holland

Egmond Abbey is the oldest abbey in the Netherlands. It was founded in the early tenth century by Dirk I, Count of Holland. The original abbey was destroyed in 1573 on the orders of William of Orange. Before then it housed the graves of several counts and countesses of Holland. The abbey was rebuilt after [read more]