anna swidnica
Anna of Schweidnitz

Anna of Swidnica – A beloved Empress

After the death of his second wife Charles of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia wanted to marry again in order to have a surviving son.  He quickly decided that he would marry Anna of Swidnica, who was previously betrothed to his deceased son, Wenceslaus.  Anna was the daughter of a second son of a prince of [read more]


Catherine of Poděbrady – a life cut short

Catherine of Poděbrady and her twin sister Sidonie were born on 11 November 1449 at Poděbrady to King of Bohemia George and his first wife Kunigunde of Šternberk. Kunigunde died giving birth to her and her sister. Wedding negotiations began for her when she was just nine years old. She married Matthias Corvinus on 1 May 1463 at the [read more]