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January 2018 Book News

  Bad Princess: True Tales from Behind the Tiara Hardcover – 30 January 2018 (UK & US) Forget everything you thought you knew about princesses… Welcome to Bad Princess by Kris Waldherr (author of Doomed Queens), where you’ll discover what really happens after “Happily Ever After.” From the war-torn Dark Ages of Medieval Europe to America’s Gilded Age, and all the [read more]


Sofia of Nassau – The Blue Duchess

This article was written by Sophie Strid. Sophia Wilhelmina Mariana Henrietta was born on 9 July 1836, at Biebrich Castle in Wiesbaden, Germany. Her parents were William, Duke of Nassau, and Princess Pauline of Württemberg. Rumours had it that the Duke terrorised the family with his moody personality, which was altered by a drinking problem. [read more]

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Book News December 2017

Four Queens and a Countess: Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Queen of Scots and Bess of Hardwick: The Struggle for the Crown Hardcover – 1 May 2018 (US) & 15 December 2017 (UK) When Mary Stuart was forced off the Scottish throne she fled to England, a move that made her cousin Queen [read more]


Victoria of Baden – A forbidden love

This article was written by Sophie Strid. Sophie Marie Viktoria was born on 7 August 1862, at Karlsruhe Castle in Baden, Germany. Her parents were Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden and Princess Louise of Prussia. Through her marriage to King Gustav V of Sweden, she was Queen from 1907 until her death in 1930. [read more]

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October 2017 Book News

Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife Paperback – 15 October 2017 (UK) & 1 February 2018 (US) Catherine of Aragon continues to fascinate readers 500 years after she became Henry VIII’s first queen. Her life was one of passion and determination, of suffering and hope, but ultimately it is a tragic [read more]