King Mswati’s eighth wife, Senteni Masango, has died after allegedly committing suicide

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Senteni Masango, the eighth wife of Africa’s last absolute monarch, has died after allegedly committing suicide. She was found dead in the early hours of Friday morning.  She reportedly took about 40 amitriptyline capsules, which are normally used to treat a number of mental illnesses. The Queen leaves behind two daughters.

Only a week earlier, her sister Nombuso Masango had been buried, but she was reportedly not allowed to attend the memorial service nor the funeral. She was rumoured to have been living alone in a mansion without visits from her husband. She was chosen as his eighth bride at the age of 18 in September 1999.

The royal family announced on Friday that a vigil would be held for her at the Ludzidzini royal residence and she was laid to rest on Sunday morning.

Her last public appearance was at the recent Marula Festival.

At least two of the King’s wives have fled from him, leaving behind their children. He reportedly has 15 wives and at least 23 children.

Tributes to the Queen started flowing in, led by Swaziland’s Prime Minister Dr Sibusiso Dlamini who sent government’s condolences to the King, the Queen mother and the royal household.

“Death is a sad moment for anyone, and this one which affects Their Majesties is shared by the country as a whole, and as a nation, we are deeply touched at the news of her passing on,” the Prime minister said last night according to the African Monarch The Magazine of Royal Substance.

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