Grave of Queen Frederica and King Paul of Greece vandalised

By krischnig - Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons
The grave of Queen Frederica and King Paul of Greece has been vandalised.
A police patrol discovered the damage to the grave in the Royal Cemetery of Tatoi Palace. The large cross that stands over the grave had been broken into three parts. The Ministery of Culture announced that plans to repair the grave had been set in motion immediately but no arrests have been made.
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Tatoi Palace was once the summer residence of the Greek Royal Family and it is located 27km (17 mi) from the city centre of Athens. When the Greek monarchy was abolished, it became the private property of the family until 1994, when it was confiscated by the government. Former King Constantine II took the matter to the European Court of Human Court, which ruled in his favour in 2003 and he received €12m in compensation.

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