A future Queen turns 18 – New photos of Princess Ingrid Alexandra

ingrid alexandra
Photo: Ida Bjørvik, The Royal Court

Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway will turn 18 years old on 21 January 2022, and the Norwegian royal court has released two new photos of the future Queen in her own right, in the new office set up for her.

Photo: Ida Bjørvik, The Royal Court

The new office won’t be used extensively at first, as the Princess will continue to focus on her studies for the years to come. Norway introduced absolutely primogeniture in 1990, and so, Ingrid Alexandra is currently second in line to the Norwegian throne, behind her father. She was not overtaken by her younger brother Sverre Magnus, who was born in 2005. Ingrid Alexandra also has an elder half-brother named Marius from her mother’s previous relationship.

Ingrid Alexandra is expected to become Norway’s first Queen regnant since Queen Margaret, who ruled over Norway, Denmark and Sweden 500 years ago. She is also distantly in line to the British throne as a descendant of Maud of Wales, but she is preceded by her brother as the United Kingdom still practised male-preference primogeniture at the time of their births.

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