Review: The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II

majestic life of queen elizabeth
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Netflix has its fair share of royal documentaries, and The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II is just one of them. It is also known as Queen Elizabeth II – The Diamond Celebration.

The future Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 as the eldest daughter of the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. She became Queen at the age of just 25 in 1952, upon the early death of her father. The documentary dates from 2012/2013 and is an hour and 30 minutes long. It documents Queen Elizabeth’s reign and the challenges she faced. It features quite a few familiar faces as experts, such as Ingrid Seward, Robert Lacey and Hugo Vickers.

Despite the excellent length, The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II stays rather on the surface and shies away from the harder subjects. This perhaps has something to do with its release around the Diamond Jubilee celebrations but leaves one feeling rather meh about the whole thing. For some reason, maybe because she is still alive, there aren’t many documentaries that dare to dig a little deeper. But, overall, it’s a nice documentary if you’re just getting started with getting to know the monarchy, and there weren’t any obvious mistakes that jumped out at me.

You can watch the documentary here.

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