The Duchess of Cambridge will become Duchess of Cornwall – Here’s why

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The current Duchess of Cornwall is, of course, Camilla. She is the wife of the Prince of Wales and as such is also legally the Princess of Wales. However, out of respect for the previous Princess of Wales, Diana, she chooses not to use the title.

But will the Duchess of Cambridge ever be known as the Duchess of Cornwall? The short answer is yes unless her husband William predeceases his father before Charles becomes King. When Queen Elizabeth II passes away, Charles will automatically become King and Camilla will be Queen consort. The Duke of Cornwall title will automatically pass to William unlike the Prince of Wales title, which needs to be invested.

As such, from Prince Charles’s accession until the day William is created Prince of Wales by his father, William and Catherine will be known as The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. After he is created Prince of Wales, that title must take precedence and from then on they will be known as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

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