The crypt of the Theatine Church in Munich

Theatine Church in Munich
Photo by Moniek Bloks

The Theatine Church in Munich, Germany, was built from 1663 to 1690, as a thanksgiving for the birth of Prince Max Emanuel, the heir of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy.

It was built in the Italian high-baroque style and was designed by Agostino Barelli. The facade was only completed in 1768.

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The church is home to several graves, such as King King Maximilian II of Bavaria and his wife, Marie of Prussia. Two children of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and Caroline of Baden also have their markers there.

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Underneath the church is the so-called Prince’s crypt, which houses the remains of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria, Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria, Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska, Electress of Bavaria, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, Electress of Bavaria, Maximilian III, Elector of Bavaria, King Otto of Greece, Amalia of Oldenburg, Queen of Greece, Prince Arnulf of Bavaria, Princess Theresa of Liechtenstein, Prince Heinrich of Bavaria, King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, Caroline of Baden, Queen of Bavaria, Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria, Archduchess Auguste Ferdinande of Austria, Princess Therese of Bavaria, Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, Princess Maximiliana of Bavaria and Prince Maximilian (who also have markers in the church), Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor, Maria Amalia of Austria, Holy Roman Empress, Prince Rudolf of Bavaria, Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria, Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and Prince Luitpold of Bavaria.

Several others are also buried there, but they can not be seen. A vase with the inscription referring to Princess Maximiliana of Bavaria is also there, which contains her viscera.

While the church is open daily, the crypt can only be visited on Saturdays. Plan your visit here.

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