Karlsruhe Palace – From royal palace to museum

Karlsruhe Palace
Photo by Moniek Bloks

Karlsruhe Palace began its life in 1715 upon the orders of Margrave Charles III William of Baden-Durlach. It was rebuilt in stone 50 years later and underwent some renovations in the years to come under the Grand Dukes of Baden. However, it ceased to be a royal residence with the end of the monarchy in 1918. During the Second World War, it suffered heavy damage from bombings, but it has been completely restored to its former glory, and it currently houses the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe.

So while it is still a palace, only part of it is actually dedicated to the former royals. Much of the museum focuses on the entire history of the region. The downstairs area begins with the former glory of Grand Duchy.

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Unfortunately, due to the rebuilding, you won’t find any rooms as they were in the past. Victoria of Baden, later Queen of Sweden, was born at this palace and was raised here. Sophie of Sweden, Grand Duchess of Baden, gave birth to several children here and died in the palace on 6 July 1865. Amalie of Baden, later Princess of Fürstenberg, was born there to mother Louise Caroline of Hochberg, from an initially morganatic marriage to Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden. These are just a few examples.

Among the several wings of the palace, you’ll find some more royal history scattered about.

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Overall, the museum is rather interesting, though a bit confusing with all the different wings. The gift shop even had some books about royal women. Find out more about their hours and admission prices here.

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